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Why This is Important

Electricity is a crucial component of modern life. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to use computers, cell phones, refrigerators, air conditioners, and all the myriad appliances and equipment that we have come to depend on. But using electricity can have negative environmental and financial impacts. Most of our electricity is generated from fossil fuels (coal and natural gas), which cause air pollution and contribute to climate change. In addition, the cost of electricity can be a burden on households. By becoming more efficient in how we use electricity, we can enjoy the comforts of modern life without causing undue pollution or wasting money. Understanding electricity use helps us understand inefficiencies and identify opportunities for conservation.

By looking at household electricity use by neighborhoods or block groups, we can identify which areas have opportunities to improve efficiency and target programs to help reduce energy use in those areas. People living in those areas can also see how their electricity use compares with other parts of our community and look to improve their efficiencies.

About the Data

This data is derived from household energy use for Duke Energy customers throughout Durham County for the years 2013-2014. Household use is averaged for each bockgroup for each month of the calendar year and then averaged across the year as well. The numbers reported here are calendar year averages.

Source: Duke Energy

Additional Resources

ResourceLearn More and Take Action
Durham County Sustainability OfficeThe Sustainability Office works with city and county employees to improve how government does business by developing policies, educating staff, and promoting the ethics of environmentally responsible leadership. The Office also works with people and organizations in the community to enhance sustainable living through public education, sponsored events, and other outreach as needed.
Weatherization Assistance ProgramRun by Resources for Seniors in Wake County, this program offers financial assistance for energy efficiency upgrades to income-qualified households in Durham and Wake Counties. These services are not only for seniors, but for all qualifying households.
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