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Housing Code Violations, 2021

COUNTY7.8violations per sq mior883violations
Choropleth legend 0 10.9 31.3 60.5 101.1 1275.4
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Why This is Important

Violations of the City minimum housing code can interfere with the safety and quality of life of residents and can have a negative impact on surrounding homes and properties. The City of Durham minimum housing standards code is enforced by the Neighborhood Improvement Services department.

NOTE: As with residential building permit values, which skew toward areas of uneven investment, enforcement cases of housing code are higher in areas where the City's Proactive Rental Inspection Program (PRIP) is active. For a map of these areas, please refer to the PRIP link in Additional Resources. Because minimum housing code is enforced by the City of Durham but not outside the city in Durham County, this measurement reflects a City-only service and parts of Durham County are not represented by this data. Dwelling unit estimates for this measure therefore only count those within the City administrative boundary.

About the Data

The number of minimum housing code violations divided by the square miles of each blockgroup that lie within the City boundary. This measurement includes all minimum housing code violations, excluding calls found to be not in violation. This does include orders to repair, demolish, unsafe structures, and boarded properties.

Source: City of Durham Neighborhood Improvement Services

Additional Resources

Resource Learn More and Take Action
Proactive Rental Inspection Program (PRIP) The PRIP is designed to create a healthy, safe, and crime-free environment, and to further preserve and enhance the quality of life for city residents living in residential rental properties.
Durham One Call Follow this link or call 919.560.1200 to reach English or Spanish-speaking representatives who will answer your questions, dispatch a service request, connect you to the appropriate department or complete an online request form which will be processed within one business day.
North Carolina Minimum Housing Code Legal standards for protection from housing that is unsafe, unsanitary, dangerous, or detrimental to resident health or welfare.
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Data Distribution, 2021

County Average: 7.8
violations per sq mi0100200300

Housing Code Violations

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