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Median Household Income, 2018

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Why This is Important

The median household income provides an indication of how well people are doing financially in a neighborhood. Lower wage earners may have higher percentages of their income devoted to consumption and less for saving, making them less resilient in economic downturns. Higher wage earners may have more of their income available for consumption and more savings that can enable them to be more resilient in economic downturns. Service providers and retailers look at income levels to help them locate their services.

About the Data

The household income at the midpoint of all households. Half of the households in this Census tract earn a higher annual income and half earn a lower annual income. These amounts are inflation-adjusted for 2010 using the Consumer Price Index for all items, referencing the South urban areas (table CUUR0300SA0).

Source: US 2010, Census 2010 tract-normalized sample data; American Community Survey (ACS) (after 2010).

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US2010 The Longitudinal Tract Data Base (LTDB) provides public-use tools to create estimates within 2010 tract boundaries for any tract-level data (from the census or other sources) that are available for prior years as early as 1970.
Consumer Price Index Tables Tables for adjusting values to reflect how inflation changes the purchasing power of the dollar.
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Data Distribution, 2018

County Average: $58,190

Median Household Income

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