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Median Home Value, 2010

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Why This is Important

The median home value reflects both the value of a household's investment (and this data refers exclusively to owner-occupied units) and the relative cost of purchasing a home in a neighborhood. Significant upward shifts in value can reflect neighborhood housing market pressures that can adversely affect low income and renting households..

About the Data

The home value at the midpoint of all home values. Half of the homes in this Census tract are valued higher and half valued lower. These amounts are inflation-adjusted for 2010 using the Consumer Price Index for all items, referencing the South urban areas (table CUUR0300SA0).

Source: US 2010, Census 2010 tract-normalized sample data.

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US2010 The Longitudinal Tract Data Base (LTDB) provides public-use tools to create estimates within 2010 tract boundaries for any tract-level data (from the census or other sources) that are available for prior years as early as 1970.
Consumer Price Index Tables Tables for adjusting values to reflect how inflation changes the purchasing power of the dollar.
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Data Distribution, 2010

County Average: $193,163

Median Home Value

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