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Child Care Centers per Square Mile, 2022

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Why This is Important

Research has shown that positive, healthful early development environments lead to more resilient brain development and greater flexibility in the acquisition of skills throughout life. Stable, high-quality child care in the early years of child development has life-long implications. Foundational stages of brain development that guide behavior and health for years to come occur before age 5.

Access to quality care can be compromised by inadequate local facilities or public transit service, challenges posed by neighborhood safety and other environmental or economic factors. Between 2013 and 2018 the number of registered child care centers has declined in Durham county by 19% (from 351 to 285). Has this change impacted your neighborhood?

About the Data

This measure includes both child care centers and family child care homes which are licensed by the state of North Carolina’s Division of Child Care and Early Development. It does not include unlicensed locations. Data is collected each year in April and reflects a snapshot of the calendar year’s licensed centers.

Source: NC Division of Child Care and Early Development

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Data Distribution, 2022

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Child Care Centers per Square Mile

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