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Commuting to Work by Bicycle, 2019

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Why This is Important

This measurement indicates the proportion of residents who ride bicycles to work in each area, but it also implies a certain degree of proximity to workplaces. In addition, it may reflect the perceived safety of biking in each selected area and lower household access to cars or public transit.

About the Data

As with all measurements from the American Community Survey in the Neighborhood Compass, this data represents 5 years' worth of surveying. With each annual update, the 5-year period advances by dropping one year and incorporating the next. For this reason, annual releases of this measurement are not suitable for true time series comparison until no overlap exists among the survey periods.

Source: American Community Survey (ACS)

Additional Resources

Resource Learn More and Take Action
durhamBikeMap An interactive map of Durham's bike lanes and trails.
Bike Durham A coalition of individuals and organizations working for bicycle-friendly change in Durham.
Durham Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC) A citizens group whose purpose it is to advise Durham's City Council and Board of County Commissioners on bicycle and pedestrian issues.
American Community Survey (ACS) A primary source of neighborhood-level data for the whole country, provided by the US Census Bureau.
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Data Distribution, 2019

County Average: 0.5%

Commuting to Work by Bicycle

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